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    Change server

    Post by Ophis on 13/3/2016, 23:06

    Hello folks,
    I musted to confirm of deleting our old forum, because many of members broking the rules (and big problem was hacking of our forum), so i receive mail from the competent staff which said me: "We apologize but your account and all your forums will be deleted, reason: broking of rules.". For that i create new forum with many rules which will be added in future without tell to members, so new members please follow the rules, and nobody will be banned.
    Now we had "Tribunal" where you can defend your rights. The judge are administration staff, the lawer you can take one of moderator or somebody else or you can defend alone.
    Administration can accept some programs which you post if this is don't have virus or something else, but alwayse think before download, all what you download from our forum we are not responsible. You do it at your own risk.
    Now old post don't be deleted but transfering in garbage, where nobody can post or reply or edit.

    This information i wrote for new members which don't know us.

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